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Your financial contribution to the work of recalling District 2 County Supervisor Linda Parks helps spread the word to others to sign the recall petition. Linda Parks has trampled our Constitution, broken her oath of office, and exceeded her authority. Linda Parks has been governing for Sacramento, not Ventura County. It is past time for Linda Parks to go! Click on the link below for credit card transactions.


For non-credit card contributions, please click here and complete this form. It must accompany your contribution which you may drop off at one of our pop-up locations listed on this site or you may send the contribution to :  

Conejo Valley Cares - Recall Linda Parks

5021 Verdugo Way, Suite 105-210
Camarillo, California, 93012


Contributions to this committee are NOT tax deductible.

(More information on public reporting of contributions is below.)

Some people and businesses supporting the recall of Linda Parks have expressed concern about retribution by her and the Board of Supervisors. That is a terrible feeling. It should be enough for all liberty-loving people to want Linda Parks “fired” from governing.

It is unlawful for Linda Parks to act against people or businesses. But she and three other board of supervisors have shown their willingness to try and punish those that “defy” their unlawful and unconstitutional acts when the Board of Supervisors brought lawsuits against business owners, churches, pastors, and people.

Work behind the scenes, in court, and by local groups working together forced the Board of Supervisors to withdraw their lawsuits. WE THE PEOPLE did that. We are more powerful than many of us realize. You WANT to sign the petition, volunteer to collect signatures, and contribute to the campaign TO RECALL LINDA PARKS.

Linda Parks and her supervisor colleagues should NOT govern or be in positions of power. People in totalitarian nations fear their government. Stand up to government in Ventura County. They are OUR servants, not the other way around. We appreciate your support at all levels. 


There are California State and local Ventura County financial reporting requirements when specific contribution thresholds are met. The campaign is required by law to collect certain information including your name, physical mailing address (it can be a business), your employer (or retired), and the type of work you do (clerk, gardener, teacher, bank teller, etc.) Below are highlights.

For assistance with your filing obligations, if any, or for other questions, contact the (California) Fair Political Practices Commission toll-free at (866) ASK-FPPC, send an email to, or refer to their website:

  • Contributions to this committee are not tax deductible.
  • Total contributions exceeding $49.00 must be reported to the FPPC, (California) Fair Political Practices Commission. In other words, if you make two contributions that total $50 or more, your name, address, and contributions must be reported.
  • Total Contributions of $3,000 or more must be reported on the major donors report and be available to people who sign the recall petition.
  • Contributions may not be accepted from national banks, federally chartered corporations, or foreign nationals without permanent residency status (Green Card holders).
  • Total contribution(s) to this committee and/or to other California state or local committees totaling $10,000 or more in a calendar year makes the contributor, whether an individual or business, a “Major Donor Committee”. California law requires you to file disclosure reports as a Major Donor Committee.
  • If an individual is majority owner of one or more businesses, or directs and controls one or more businesses, the individual and the business(es) are affiliated and contributions are aggregated or if multiple businesses are owned or directed and controlled by a majority of the same persons, the businesses are affiliated, and contributions are aggregated.
  • Affiliated donors have an affirmative obligation to notify the recipient of the name under which campaign reports are filed. Further, if you are an “intermediary” for a contribution from someone else (i.e. the contribution is not from you, but you are remitting the contribution on behalf of a client or customer, you are an “intermediary” and your client or customer is the “true source”), indicate the “true source’s” full name and street address, if the source is an individual, also provide occupation and employer. 


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