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"Due to ongoing Covid restrictions in Ventura County, Conejo Valley Cares - Recall Linda Parks, has requested an extension from the state of California to collect signatures to support our efforts.

The precedent has already been set through previous recalls – including Recall Newsom – for the same reason. 

We have yet to receive a response from our extension request and the deadline was September 14, 2021 at 5 PM.

The lack of response from California Secretary of State who was appointed by Gavin Newsom is highly concerning and deeply troubling.Our voices deserve to be heard."

– Conejo Valley Cares - Recall Linda Parks


Board of Supervisor Chair Linda Parks acts OUTSIDE her authority. Through elections she was hired to govern for Ventura County, NOT Sacramento. Our County is unique. It has its own benefits and challenges. Lumping Ventura County into a Southern California tier has cost the county dearly. One-size of government does NOT fit all! Ventura County must become independent again. The power is ours. Let's make the change TODAY! We can't afford Linda Parks's government!

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Linda Parks's decisions...

Crushed the local economy         Denied in-person education

 Closed and sued churches           ◊ Closed and sued small businesses

 Banned youth sports                      Voted for excessive raises

 Failed the elderly                             Denied access to parks/trails/beaches

 Violated the Constitution              Failed her community 

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Are you happy with your Ventura County life today? Or like many people, are you disappointed, dismayed, or even depressed by decisions made over the past year by local government?

CLOSING our churches at a time when spiritual guidance and comfort was needed more than ever. PREVENTING our children from getting the education and social interaction they need and deserve. FORCING restaurants and small businesses to close, putting many Ventura residents out of work and unable to support their families (yet allowing big box stores to remain open). DENYING access to our beaches, trails, and parks - blocking our ability to get exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, things that help our immune system fight off illness. LOCKING our elederly and family members away from us, denying them the love and support they need, forcing some to die alone without a chance to say good-bye or see their loved ones' faces. CURTAILING funerals, leaving family and friends no opportunity to grieve together or gain closure from their tragic losses. 

If you have been affected by these decisions... if you lost your job, lost loved ones, suffered depression, are overwhelmed by technology and children's zoom classes, experience fear and anxiety... the reason is because of decisions made by Linda Parks and the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.

They had a choice. They could have made our lives better, easier, happier, and more manageable. They chose otherwise! 

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Who is Linda Parks? Linda Parks is the current chairperson of Ventura County Board of Supervisors and the elected supervisor for District 2.

What are her powers and responsibilities? Linda Parks and her supervisor colleagues make county-wide governing decisions not  assigned to other elected county officials such as the Sheriff, the Recorder, the District Attorney, etc. 

What did Linda Parks do? Linda Parks and her supervisor colleagues chose money over the welfare of the people in Ventura county. They have taken money from the state to close the budget gap THEY created when they closed and sued churches and businesses; when they put children out of school, people out of work, and families out of touch. She has turned businesses against each other. She has turned businesses against their customers and customers against customers. 

Linda Parks sold us out to Sacramento!

Secretary of State ID: 1437043
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