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Linda Parks has always had a choice! She chose to govern for Sacramento, not Ventura county. 

Linda Parks made terrible decisions. Read the science, do the math, ask the questions, challenge the results! Sign the petition!  

California passes the buck to the Feds. Linda Parks and her colleagues pass the buck to the state! Linda Parks was elected to govern for Ventura County. She and her colleagues refuse to take responsibility. Instead they rubber-stamp whatever Sacramento submits. This means our older and most vulnerable population continue to be denied the comfort of their families, friends, and loved ones. 

...Desperate families, lonely residents

"For nearly a year, most of California’s long-term care facilities have stopped almost all indoor visits, shuttered dining rooms, and held virtual-only activities, following state guidelines. has deeply isolated hundreds of thousands of disabled or elderly and frail patients, and caused anguish for their families.... 

'It’s hard to describe how despondent people are feeling in nursing homes. They’re feeling defeated and hopeless, and families are feeling pretty much the same way,' said Tony Chicotel, staff attorney for California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform.... 

Karen Jones, ... Long Term Care Ombudsman program... wonders why, if nursing home staff aren’t required to be vaccinated, families can’t be allowed to visit, too.

'There is no magic that makes it safe for facility staff to come in and out of those buildings but (not) families,' as long as visitors wear masks and follow other safety guidelines, Jones said. 

But the waiting continues...."

 Until, for some, it becomes too late!

Secretary of State ID: 1437043
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